Colonel Gopher

Colonel Gopher is a fictional Solider of the Chazakain Empire in Nationstates. He has commanded a number of task forces in allied and not so allied nations over the years including:

"" or the Chernoblian school hostage situation or The South Harland Crisis or The Cult of Death

065soldierDM 468x367

Colonel Gopher in Desert Gear


Colonel Gopher, Front View

He was trained in the Chaziton School of the Military Arts and graduated top in his class of 100, he then went onto farther training. In jungle warfare at the Army's CIGS jungle warfare school and in amphibious, mountain warfare, airborne, airmobile and HAHO/HALO operations. He has trained with and helps lead several squads of the Z brigade and/or SN brigade. His second in command is usually Vector. He has trained with and is usually armed with M4 carbine,an IMBEL M973 pistol, and has been known to carry ACGL sniper rifle in special situations, he also wears Interceptor Protective Vest and PASGT Helmet(sometimes).

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