Map of the USSCR- In Slovaczek, Globá na Grafká na USEKR

Red is Chyeknovostan(Territory),Purple is other states in the USSCR with Capitals. Countires in Map: Melayka,Lieat, N.Bavungria,Leofen,Imperialist Salvia.


Map of Europe(ENLARGED From Above) Red is Chyeknovostan,Purple other states in USSCR, Includes Major Eurpoean cities in Europre That are Chyekish.Countries In Map:USECR(Chyeknovosta),Leofen,Imperialist Salvia,North Bavungria.


Map of Main Chyeknovostan with Major Cities and the Famous Tekrazh Deseza na Gulak(Tekra's Death Prison)


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