Chris Mawhinney

Deputy Chancellor Christopher A. Mawhinney

Christopher Andrew Mawhinney (born 5 May, 1989) is the Deputy Chancellor of Dacara. He was appointed after the 2031 general election when his running mate Scott McBain won Chancellorship as the High Chancellor. Christopher like Chancellor McBain he is a member of the Dacaran Democratic Party; he has a 'Bachelor of Law' and a 'Bachelor of Art' (Honours) at The University of Picon. Christopher Mawhinney is married to Amy Mawhinney and currently has two children. His residence is the Manor of the Deputy Chancellor in Kelowna.

Early Life and CareerEdit

Christopher was born in Langara, Tauron to Belinda and Grant Mawhinney and graduated Lanagaran East High School with the current Chancellor Scott McBain. Scott went straight into a Bachelor of Political Science and began his political career. Christopher joined the Dacaran Armed Forces for 5 years. Until 2012 after a a boost in politics by then Under Secretary of Education for Picon, Scott McBain he joined the Dacaran Democratic Party in which he succeeded Scott for the post of Under Secretary of State. It wasn’t until 2030 that he joined with Scott McBain to win the 2031 General Election and be appointed to Deputy Chancellor.

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