The High Chancellor of Dacara is Head of State of the whole nation and Commander in Cheif of the armed forces, the High Chancellor is head of the Federal Cabinet of Dacara of the Federated Republic of Dacara.

The office of High Chancellor was first established in 1975 at the end of the fascist government in Dacara.

Since the formation of High Chancellor in 1975 his or her duties include Head of State and Commander in Chief of all the Dacaran Armed Forces. This was the role of Emperor prior to 1975. All duties of government in which the former Emperor would have are now issued to the {Prime Minister of Dacara.

Name Took office Left office Party
Henry Ford (2 Terms) 5 May 1985 19 February 1995 Federal Labor Party
Benjamin Malone (1 Term) 20 February 1995 8 January 2000 Federal Labour Party
David Moon (1 Term) 9 January 2000 14 February 2005 Dacaran Democratic Party
Scott McBain 15 February 2005 Present Dacaran Democratic Party

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