Central command is the HQ of the Home legion and Police division.  

Central command was moved from New kamara yard 2 years ago to blackhall. Thanks to operation guardian, all government buildings are now in blackhall for extra protection.

Central command itself is seperated into 4 groups:

Police command:

the nerve centre of Police control throughout the Commonwealth.

Emergancy command:

under the direct command of the Police commander (heras uktar). Used during a state of emergancy to organise all supplies and resuce divisions.

Home legion command:

the epicenter of the Home legion, Commander Velal and his command unit will issue orders from here.

Red command:

Top level form of command, it is used incase Martial law has to be issued or a serious threat is inimate.

Central command building, Black hall, London, Rodarion.
Old war office small

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