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The Nationstates World Regions (NSWR) is a group of regions: African Continent, American Continent, Asian Continent (containing Australia), European Continent, and Middle East. This group of regions functions in a real world setting and is known for refusing to interact with the rest of NationStates. It contains some of the world's biggest nations, such as Catholic Europe, Nag Ehgoeg, and Paradise. History

The NSWR were once confined to the single region known as Middle East, which is a very large region today. It was founded in 2002 by the nation of Paradise. At that time it still interacted with the rest of the world and roleplayed on the Nationstates forum. Middle East had a brief war for members with the region known as The Middle East, which they won. The Middle East currently has 2 members, while Middle East has upwards 80.

The NSWR players, who had never had a real presence on the NS Main Forum, set up one of their own some time before the switch to Jolt. Their first board (created as a temporary measure that somehow lasted a year) was deleted by the Admin and they now use the board located at set up by Paradise. Reasons for the move to an off-site forum were primarily because members of the region (as the Middle East was the only region in the NSWR at the time) wanted to separate themselves from the main NationStates world. After the switch to Jolt the different atmosphere that dominated the new forum discouraged previously active users of the main NS forum (such as Catholic Europe, then the user with the highest post count, who remains to this day in the top 100 posters) from using the main NS forums even further. Today any (IC) posts made on the regional message boards or main NS forums are viewed as "unoffical" until they are made on the off-site forum.

In 2004, a Middle East player (the now retired Patrua) created the African Continent. Two other regions followed in 2005: Wadj created the European Continent and Scythirus created the Asian Continent. At first these expansions were not generally accepted within the NSWR, but quickly the idea of creating a NS World based around the Middle East became popular. Much later, in 2006, the region known as the American Continent was formed by Paradise from a Resplendent Dawn's idea.

The NS World Regions currently have upwards 150 members (though many are multiples and only 86 members use the off-site forum), and their ranks increase often.

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