The Interstellar Union of Cannot-Decide-a-Name
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Flag of Cannot-decide-name
"We all agree that we don't know who is in charge"
Official Languages English, Javian, Nurangos, Lentcian, Zibizokoro
Region Circle of Badularity
Population 9,000,000 (per planet)
Founded --
Capital Myxxreb
 - Union Leader
 - Deputive Union Leader

Noxramus Quakaloth
National Animal The Animal
Currency Cannotian Money
Anthem We're Working on it
ISO Nation Code CDAN
Internet TLD .cdan
Phone Code +2326 (Myxxreb)
Currency Code CDMON
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML

The Interstellar Union of Cannot-Decide-a-Name is an interstellar union consisting of seventeen planetary systems.


During the first meeting of the government, the delegates couldn't agree on a suitable name for their new union. IN the middle of the heated debate, about at the time right after someone had thrown the first ball of paper and right before the delegate from Kuhnria was to dip the head of the Myxxrebian delegate in the bucket of lava placed there for the Javian delegates, that the delegate from Lentcia said: "I guess we all can agree that we cannot decide a name" (the actual translation was "So cool we cannot decide on which sandwich to eat to be the most cool", Lentcian is a very complex language). The other delegates was so impressed that they dropped everything they where doing and voted almost unanimously to apply the name Cannot-Decide-a-Name for the union (the Myxxrebian delegate abstained his vote, as the Kuhnrian delegate had dropped him in the bucket of lava).

Except for in official events, the short name Cannodana is often used.


The union is led from the capital planet of Myxxreb. The planetary government (official name: The Government/Cabinet/Representatives/Senate/High Council/Justice League of Cannot-Decide-a-Name) resides in the House of the Ones Currently in Charge. It consists of two elected representatives of every system that is member of the union. All decisions is decided by votes, but unfortunately the opinions of the member planets is so divided that it is very rare that any decision wins a vote.


Under Construction



Myxxreb is a small planet in the center of the union. The planet is often described as the "final human victory", as the planets whole environment is controlled by humans. At the equator, stretching across the whole planet lies Myxxreb City, the only city which contains 95% of the planets population. In the subterranean zones lies the park areas, large amounts of meadows and forests strictly controlled by the inhabitants, and in the temperated zone all the way to the polar regions lies the farmlands, which consists of crops and cattle to supply the entire planet. Between the park-lands and the farmlands lies the ring oceans.

Myxxrebians are all thin and muscular, thanks to the special food served to them. Most Myxxrebians never exercise, but still keep their shape thanks to this.



Lentcia mostly consists of swamps and forests, giving it the nickname "The little green, smelly planet". It's inhabitants are small blue elephant-like creatures with small ears and eyes. The most charicteristic part of their culture is that the Lentcians comunicate with smell instead of sounds, giving them their title of "Having the most boring concerts in the universe".





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