Candava is a Kiravian colony.


Candava was first mapped by an Imperial cartographic expedition sent to create maritime charts for the existing colonies of [1] and Islands|Komdu-Sæll. When the farming areas of the West Kiravian Plains experienced a run of bad weather, a lawyer name James Scandon brought a group of 4,000 impoverished farmers to found a colony there.

The colony was reasonably successful, and encouraged other West Plains farmers to emigrate.

Society & EconomyEdit

Candava's population is 60% devoted to agriculture, managing and working plantations for cales, potatos, beans, sorghum, corn, and cynomah spice. The remaining 40% works in industry and services. Both sectors have significant connections to the Homelands. Most agriculture is based on export to Kirav.

Despite the focus on agriculture, most Candavans live in villages, and travel to their land, rather than in scattered farms, for fear of attack by the Pratani tribes that raid the area's border towns.

Candavan culture is immensley similar to that of Vrytev Kiravians and Kirverdans living on the Western Plains.


Candava has a population of 880,000, with slow growth from immigration. The birth rate is low, at 9.45/1,000 pop.

Racially, Candavans are 99.8% Cosciv.

In terms of ethnicity, the colony's settlers are typically of West Coscivian descent. The Amish of the country have been acknowledged as a distinct ethnic group.

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