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The Cabinet of Ministers of Adygea is the highest body in the system of state executive power of Adygea, i.e., the cabinet of government. The Cabinet is responsible to the President of Adygea and is under the control of and accountable to the Khase (parliament). It is composed of the Prime Minister, the First Vice Prime Minister, two Vice Prime Ministers and Ministers.

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The Cabinet issues resolutions and orders that are mandatory for execution. Normative legal acts of the Cabinet, ministries and other central bodies of executive power, are subject to registration. Failure to register invalidates the act.


The current Cabinet of Ministers of Adygea has been appointed on May 19, 2007:

  • Prime Minister - Dmitriy Jaikbaev
  • First Vice Prime Minister, Finance Minister -
  • Minister of Building, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services -
  • Vice Prime Minister -
  • Vice Prime Minister -
  • Minister of Internal Affairs -
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs -
  • Minister of Defence -
  • Minister of Economy -
  • Minister of Science and Technology -
  • Minister of Education -
  • Fuel and Energy Minister -
  • Minister of Labour and Social Policy -
  • Minister of Health -
  • Minister of Agrarian Policy -
  • Minister of Industrial Policy -
  • Minister of Environmental Protection -
  • Minister of Transport -
  • Minister of Communications -
  • Minister of Emergency Situations -
  • Minister for Family, Youth and Sport -
  • Minister of Justice -
  • Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers -

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