The Combat Tank Mark 3 Main Battle Tank, or CT-3, is a Main Battle Tank originating from the Empire of Bayr.  It is currently the sole tank in use by the Imperial Army Corps of Bayr.  It was originally designed between 1984 and 1988, and first entered service in 1992.  Since it entered service, over 600 CT-3's have been produced, and around 500 are in active service.  Known as the MT-4 during development, the CT-3 was designed to produce the aging CT-2 that had been in service since 1967.  CT-3's have seen action in nearly every conflict Bayr has taken part in since its introduction, and is expected to continue service for the near future.
CT-3 Main Battle Tank

General Information Edit

Produced and designed at the Freitag Heavy Engineering Plant in Freitag Province, the CT-3 is one of the most powerful weapons in the Imperial Army Corps' arsenal.  The tank uses a 125 mm smoothbore gun as its primary armament, and an IHMG-50 Heavy Machine Gun as a secondary armament. The tank is armored in a Steel-composite-reactive blend and protected by a system consisting of three layers of protection.  The first is a basic armored shell filled with alternating aluminum and plastic layers.  The second is Explosive Reactive Armor which significantly reduces damage from kinetic energy projectiles.  The third is a countermeasures suite consisting of jammers, warning recievers, and aerosol grenade launchers.  The tank is slightly smaller then most main battle tank, although it has a slightly larger engine as well as a large fuel tank.  This gives it increased speed and a longer range over most main battle tanks in use. 

When it was introduced, it was only given to a small number of units due to a supply shortage.  Over the next decade, it slowly phased out the CT-2 until in 2001, the CT-2 was no longer in active service, and served a reserve role.  It has since been moved out of that role to, as the CT-3 has been produced in sufficient numbers to serve as both a reserve and a primary tank.  The majority of CT-2's have been scrapped, with most of the parts being used to make CT-3's.

Specifications Edit

Type: Main Battle Tank

Country of Origin: Bayr

In Service: 1992-present

Users: Imperial Armed Forces of the Empire of Bayr

Designer: Freitag Heavy Engineering

Designed: 1984-1988

Producer: Freitag Heavy Engineering

Produced: 1992-Present

Weight: 43.4 Tonnes

Length: 6.93 m

Length Gun Forward: 9.42 m

Width: 3.47 m

Height: 2.34 m

Crew: 3

Armor: Steel-composite-reactive blend

Primary Armament: 125 mm Smoothbore Cannon

Secondary Armament: IHMG-50 Heavy Machine Gun

Engine: V-12 Twin Turbo Diesel Engine, 1550 hp

Power/Weight: 35 hp/tonne

Suspension: Torsion Bar

Fuel Capacity: 2000 Liters

Operational Range: 575 Km

Maximum Speed: 75 Km/h on road, 60 Km/h off road

Cost per Unit: $2,500,000

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