The PRA is the Ground branch of the Royal Blaenau Armed Forces. Its main duty is the protection of citizens of the crown, both in native Blaenau and all her colonies.

Princes Royal Army
Blaenau Army Flag
Princes Royal Army Flag
Country Blaenau
Type Ground Forces
Role Ground Defence and Peacekeeping
Size 2,500,000
First Lord Marshal Bryn
Ceremonial chief Prince Llewellyn III


General Army HQ is located in Central Caerdydd, adjacent to the Defence Ministry and the Joint General HQ. Most active domestic bases are located in South Wales, South and West England and Southern Scotland. There are also a number of bases in Ireland. Defence Ministry policy is that military bases are located away from urban areas, however the exception to this rule is the garrsion in Caerdydd, comprising some 55,000 personnel. This garrison is charged with the duty of policing in times of Martial Law, as well as Civil Defence and guarding the Naval docks in South Caerdydd.

When on operations abroad, deployed personnel are generally told to maintain mobility; thus, the Blaenau Rapid Strike Force (BRSF) is one of the Army's largest divisions, comprising personnel and equipment from the Infantry, Cavalry and Gunnery Regiments, as well as Liaison Officers from the other two services.

Women are allowed into all walks of life in the Army, with the exception of Infantry and Special Task Forces.

Joint Force Co-OperationEdit

Unlike many Armies across the globe, the PRA does not have any air or sea units of its own; it is purely a ground force. As such, personnel are often placed on detachment to the other two forces, and a close link to JGHQ is maintained constantly, especially during conflicts. Because of this, JGHQ can be thought of as a force within a force; the men and women of JGHQ are only directly answerable to ranking officers of the JGHQ, and are there purely to provide a link between the Tri-Services.


Small ArmsEdit

Beretta 92FS
Lee Enfield SA80 L85A2 Assault Rifle
Lee Enfield SA80 L85A2 Light Support Weapon
Remington 870 Shotgun
L115A1 Long Range Sniper

Anti-Vehicle and Support WeaponryEdit

Milan ATGW
51mm Mortar
81mm Mortar

Logistics VehiclesEdit

Wolf Land Rover
Heavy Mobility Vehicle

Armoured Fighting VehiclesEdit

Challenger II MBT
Bradley IFV
Striker CVR Tank-Buster


115mm Gun
AS90 155mm
Rapier Air Defence
Starstreak HVM

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