The Biofuel Project(s) is a Chazakain program to develop a new fuel source to replace gasoline.

History Edit

Founding of The Chazakain Biofuel Projects on July 15, 1975 by executive order #2472 signed by Tartarus the previous year.

August 1977, first research lab is finished building.

On April 15th, 1993, the Chazakain Research and Development Department attempted to find a mixture of locally available supplies to create an energy source to compete with unleaded gasoline. After many trails and different combination of chemicals, The Scientist finally discovered a good mixture that burned 85% as efficiently as gasoline and produced 87% of gasoline power, Biofuel 56 or Ethanol-glucose-56 or BF56 was invented. It was first tested in October of 1993 at the city of Boa Vista. After some very promising results, BF56 was introduced to the lager public in Chazaka in mid 1996. Theses tests while not as promising as the early tests still proved that BF56 was stable and easily transportable. September 2001, BF56 becomes standard of Chazakain Fuels, importation of Gasoline servely drops.

2010: Projected end of importation of Gasoline and full adoption of BF56. Chazaka has been in negotiations with the Canadian Kingdom to sell BF-56 in their markets, this will be the first major testing of bf-56 in cold and low attitude climates.

Biofuel 56Edit

Due to its use of locally produced products, BF56 has been a major boon to the Chazakain economy, and has been sold as cheaply as 2.00 Chazs a gallon. While not as engeryic as gasoline BF56 also has fewer (known) side effects. Current estimates state that BF56 releases 20% fewer greenhouse gases as the same amount of gasoline. Converting to Bf56 requires a simple change of parts in most vehicles, it has soon far been used mostly in an tropical climate and in civilian vehicles, weather military vehicles can take in BF56 is yet to be seen.

Possible PositivesEdit

1. So far, the evidence has been that BF56 produces 20% fewer greenhouse gases than normal unleaded gasoline.

2. Requires only a small,cheap and available part to convert most vehicles into running on BF56.

3. Does not require a whole new system to deliver fuel into current vehicles.

4. Due to cheap ingredients, BF56 is currently priced at 2.00 Chaz per gallon.

Possible NegativesEdit

1.There has been evidence that suggests that BF56 can't be stored more than a year before degrading into an useless product.

2. While not tested much at the colder end, it has been shown that BF56 becomes violently unstable in the 150 C mark. The eventually explosions have baffled our scientists in that they seem to be too energetic for the amount of fuel consumed, this is currently being researched to see if this can be used to increase the efficiently of the fuel.

3. Most vehicles can only get 20 kms per gallon of BF56, current research is focused on lengthening this.

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