The Berusian WarEdit


The Berusian War refers to a conflict officially recorded between January 1889 and December 1891, though major conflict ended closer to July 1891 when The Berusian Council offered a conditional surrender to Pablicostan Forces in the Capital.


The conflict began after months of unrest amongst the Berusian immigrant population living in Pablicosta who protested fruitlessly to obtain a government representative in Pablicosta. As immigrants Pablicostan law forbade the Berusian people from running for elected office, though they were free to vote in all elections. In December 1889 a large explosion was witnessed at a polling station in the city of Sarata during the Prime Ministerial Elections. 4 people were killed while 9 others received serious burns. The following day 5 other polling stations in Pablicosta were struck by similar attacks killing a total of 45 people and injuring over 200. The election was postponed when after these attacks a group calling themselves "Berusia Liberation" made it known that they had launched the attacks. Diligent policing quickly rounded up 100 members of the group and within 7 days they had been tried, and having admitted the Murder, executed. 4 days after the execution a similar explosive device used on the Polling Attacks was recovered from a house near the border with Berusia sparking hostilities between the nations. Pablicostan armed forces moved to secure the border to prevent further importation and terrorism, but on January 8th 1890 the Berusian military launched an attack on several border posts manned by Pablicostan troops. At 1pm that day war was officially declared and the full weight of Pablicosta's Military moved to suppress any Berusian offensive.

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