Ben O'Bagels is the President of Sorthern Northland and the Mayor of the countries capital, Beningrad which is named after him. He was the leader of the October Revolution coup in 2026 which overthrew the government of the Northland province and declared Sorthern Northland's independance. He is very much seen as a hero in the country and very few people oppose his rule. Those who do often vanish in mysterious circumstances. Some critics claim him to be a dictator however, this is not true as elections are held and although The Workers' Party of Sorthern Northland is the only party of note in the country, opponents can stand. However due to Ben O'Bagels' heroic status very few opponents ever receive enough nominations to be allowed to stand for president and when they do, they always lose the election by a landslide. His political party claims to have and run the country on the Juche ideology. However, although the official state of the country it is debatable whether the country actually uses it.


Ben O'Bagels is known for being a keen sportsman and is in the Sorthern Northland national football team even though he dosn't play for any of the countries professional teams. He says he does not play for a club team as it would be wrong for him to show a bias in a professional way. He is however known to be a keen Corcaigh FC fan.

He is also expected to be part of the Sorthern Northland Snowboarding team when they make thier Olympic Games debut at the Third Winter Olympics.

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