Belarum, officially the Federal Republic of Belarum, is a country situated in the European Union. It is the second-largest country in terms of geographical area in the EU, as well as one of the more populous liberal democracies in the region. The Federal Republic, most notably, borders the nations of Aesop Rocks and Triera, as well as the regional governing district of Europolis. It borders the Pas de Calais to the west and the Arctic Ocean to the northwest. Belarum is in the vicinity of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. More specifically, Belarum is a constitutional federal republic with its capital in Bastia.

Belarum emerged as a major regional power in 1930’s after the end of the Great Depression and the Baltan War, which saw the expansion of Belarian manufactured goods spread throughout the EU. During the post war years, Belarum become a dominant force in the political and economic events in the region, and even today wields significant clout in international affairs. Domestic terrorism became an issue in 1989 when the Oristano subway system was attacked in what would come to be known as the Gorzowan Incident. In recent years, tensions between the Soviet Union and the market democracies of the West have increased, as both the Soviet Union and Western-aligned states have considerable military budgets and stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The threat of international terrorism is also pertinent, beginning in February 2007 when Islamic fundamentalists coordinated attacks across the European Union, leading to the 2007 invasion of Alikhstan. The nation is an active force in regional politics, with both Franklin Carter, Marcus Tristan, and James Howard Stanton, all natives of Belarum, serving as heads of regional government (Carter as UN Delegate, Tristan as EU President with delegate status, and Stanton as Premier Commissioner).

The nation today has one of the most powerful economies in the region in terms of purchasing power, with a GDP of roughly 22.3 trillion USD. It is one of the more popular in the European Union with 557 million inhabitants. The nation is represented in the European Union Security Council (EUSC) as well as the European Economic Community (EEC), and uses its economic, political, and cultural clout to influence regional happenings on a modest scale.

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