Battle of Gehblan
Part of Leasath-Erusean War
Leasathi soldiers marching on the newly recaptured Gehblan.
Date April 1st, 2000
Location Gehblan
Result Leasathi victory
127 sq. km. gained by Leasathi Army
Erusea Neo-Erusea FlagofLeasath Leasath
Erusea Premier Marshal David Mondol
Erusea Marshal Ivon Borshevik
FlagofLeasath Abdul Kadar
FlagofLeasath General Ata Jalil 
4,000 67,000
Casualties and losses
3,200 KIA, 650 taken prisoner 15,800 KIA

The Battle of Gehblan took place on the first of April, year 2000, when hordes of Leasathi troops supported with helicopters and tanks advanced on the Erusean-held city of Gehblan. This battle was a military victory for Leasath, defeat the vast majority of Erusean forces occupying the city and taking back more than one hundred square kilometers of land.

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