Battle of Bisnon
Part of Leasath-Erusean War
Sinking of LEA Jawar by Erusean forces.
Date March 4th, 1998
Location Straights of Bisnon
Result Decisive Erusean victory, sinking of Leasathi Quassim fleet
Erusea Neo-Erusea FlagofLeasath Leasath
Erusea Admiral Victor Kamarov FlagofLeasath Rear Admiral Jafar Al-Jukarid
Aegir Fleet:
  • 2 Ulyanovsk-class carriers (x54 MiG-29K Fulcrums each)
  • 1 Iowa-class battleship
  • 7 Kirov-class battlecruisers
  • 12 Ghisha-class corvettes
  • 20 Udaloy-class destroyers
  • 32 Neustrashimy-class frigates
Quassim Fleet:
  • 1 Invincible-class carrier (x25 F/A-18 Hornets, x15 F-14 Tomcats)
  • 14 Manchester-class destroyers
  • 2 Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates
  • 15 Duke-class frigates
  • 16 Broadsword-class frigates
  • 20 Archer-class Patrol boats
Casualties and losses
36 MiG-29's lost, 28 pilots rescued Entire fleet, approximate number dead unknown. Seven aircraft are believed to have flown inland to unclaimed territory and may have reached asylum in another country.
The Battle of Bisnon was not a war or a real conflict, but an accidental confrontation between Leasathi and Erusean forces which had mistaken each other as hostiles. This battle caused the belligerents to declare war on each other in response for the attack.

The Battle of Bisnon was a naval battle occurring in the straights of Bisnon between neval forces of Neo-Erusea and Leasath. The confrontation was extremely quick and favored the Erusean forces which were far better trained and using modern fully functional equipment. Leasathi sailors received little combat training and drills at the time and were using export equipment that was extremely downgraded. Both sides claim that the other fired the first shot but historical evidence suggests that Leasath started the battle.

First ContactEdit

The Erusean Aegir fleet had sailed through the Straights of Bisnon following a military exercise in a land far away from Neo-Erusea. Admiral Victor Kamarov noted that a large fleet was approaching theres and he and other officers believed that the unknown fleet was arranged in a as to block the Aegir Fleet's path. Leasathi Rear Admiral Jafar Al-Jukarid was on board the LEA Al-Nida Invincible-class aircraft carrier, the pride of the Leasathi Navy. On his carrier were twenty-five F/A-18 Hornet fighter planes and fifteen F-14 Tomcats. Upon sight of the other fleets, both sides launched their fighter aircraft to defend themselves. Due to communications error, F-14 Tomcats opened fire on approaching MiG's with Phoenix missiles. Four Erusean planes were shot down, another six evaded the barrage, and the Erusean fleet returned fire on the Tomcats and the opposing vessels. Erusean MiG's closed in on the Tomcats and began dogfights, downing many pilots using their superior maneuverability. Leasathi Hornets joined the fray but superior Erusean pilots made a name for themselves with a 4:1 kill ratio.


After the majority of the Leasathi airborne forces were destroyed, Leasathi vessels began to open fire on Erusean MiG's with their anti aircraft weaponry. A further sixteen MiG's were lost to this engagement. Admiral Kamarov ordered that more fighters take off armed with Kh-35 anti ship missiles. The airplanes became a devastating force against the Leasathi fleet, quickly destroying the LEA Jawar, an Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided missile frigate. More ships quickly followed the Jawar's fate, and Erusean naval forces began to exchange fire with the Leasathi ships. An Erusean Iowa-class ship, the NES Tanager, fired devastating blows on the Leasathi carrier LEA Al-Nida. The battle did not last long, all Erusean ships survived the fight while the Leasathi forces were completely devastated.


Erusea forces reported the incident back to Erusean High Command. Because of the complete devastation of Leasathi forces and their poor protocols, information of the Quassim Fleet's destruction did not reach Leasath until much later. Erusea officially declared war on Leasath March 5th, 1998 and Leasath followed suite the same day.

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