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The Baihe class destroyers (Chinese: 百合; pinyin: bǎihé; meaning 'lily') are multi-mission destroyers of the Jeunese Navy. The lead ship of the class, Ziluolan, was laid down in August 2002 and launched in April 2005. The Baihe class is part of an expansion of the Jeunese Navy as part of a program to develop an indigenous blue-water navy.


The Baihe is equipped with one QQJ-76 76 mm DP gun, mounted in the A position, and two sets of Maoli VLS systems (two aft, four fore), which gives the class the ability to be fitted out for any number of missions, including anti-submarine, anti-air and anti-ship/strike warfare. The Baihe also mounts a single 21-cell RAM launcher in the stern.

The Baihe has the capability to store one MH-60R Sea Hawk anti-submarine helicopter in a rear hangar.


  • Length (Loa): 155 m
  • Length (Lwl): 147 m
  • Beam (Boa): 17.67 m
  • Beam (Bwl): 17 m
  • Draft: 6.5 m
  • Freeboard: 11–5.8 m
  • Displacement: 7835 t (full load); 6250 t (empty)
  • cB: 0.36
  • Powerplant: CODAG
    • 2× diesel engines (17,500 hp/13,050 kW ea)
    • 1× gas turbine (40,230 hp/30,000 kW)
    • 4× emergency gas generators
    • 6× 12V 240 Ah deep-cycle batteries
    • 2 shafts, 5-blade propeller
  • Speed
    • Cruise: 22 kts
    • Sprint: 31 kts
  • Range: 18,000 km at 15 kts
  • Complement: 200
  • Armament
  • Electronics
    • ___ towed sonar array
    • ___ forward hull-mounted sonar
    • ___ surface search radar array
    • ___ air search radar array
    • ___ fire control radar
    • ___ helicopter-directing radar
  • Countermeasures
    • ___ electronic warfare suite
    • ___ radar warning receiver
    • ___ wide-band radar jammer
    • ___ air/surface-launchable decoy suite
  • Aviation: 1× Sea Hawk (w/ hangar)

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