Wǔqì Buqiang Zidong BZ-98 Battle Rifle
Type Battle rifle/Service rifle
Place of origin Flag of Jeuna Jeuna
Service history
In service Jeuna
Weight 2.5 kg (6 lb) (empty) / 2.9 kg (6 lb) (full mag)
Length 780 mm (31 in)
Barrel length 562 mm (22 in)

Cartridge 7 x 50 mm
Action Gas-operated rotating bolt
Rate of fire 720 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 810 m/s (2,657 ft/s)
Effective range 500 m (1,640 ft)–550 m (1,804 ft)
Feed system 35-round detachable box magazine
Sights Iron/holographic sights

The BZ-98 (Chinese: 武器,步槍,自動98; pinyin: Wǔqì Bùqiāng Zìdòng, 1998; literally 'Weapon, Rifle, Automatic, 1998'), designed by the Rao Arms Complex, is the latest service rifle of the Jeunese military.

History Edit

Design Edit

The BZ-98 is a selective-fire automatic rifle, using a conventional short-stroke piston, keeping the rifle relatively clean. The BZ-98 uses a gas-operated rotating bolt with gas deflection, and can achieve a maximum rate of fire of 720 rounds per minute.

The rifle has an electric firing device for use with its quasi-caseless ammunition, and a three-position ambidextrous trigger group fire selector, including safety, single-round and automatic fire modes. The trigger group can be replaced with another burst-fire mode, as it is sometimes used in Western militaries. The ammunition, the 7×50mm KWDY round, uses a system similar to the Benelli CB M2 SMG, utilizing a circular-shaped hollow block to hold the round in place within the chamber. When fired, the block exits the barrel along with the round, and splits in two along perforated lines like a sabot. The BZ-98 uses transparent plastic double-stacked 400-gram curved box magazines. The rifle uses a birdcage-type flash suppressor, similar to the device on the SIG SG 550. A reinforced lug is included, for use with a 18-centimeter bayonet. The rifle is also compatible with the Type 85 rifle grenade launcher (85枪榴弹发器开; 85 Qiangliudan Fasheqi).

The overall length of the BZ-98 totals 780 mm, with a barrel 562 mm long, weighing 2.5 kg empty. A significant portion of both the rifle's receiver and stock is carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The rifle can be field-stripped without tools, using a system of cross-pins.

The rifle is equipped by default with iron sights, but may also be equipped with holographic sights or telescopic zoom sights for designated marksman use.

Production and usage Edit

Variants Edit

There are two variants of the BZ-98.

Scratch notes Edit

  • Bullet weight: 7.6 grams
  • Twist: 1 to 12.7cm
  • Bayonet length: 180mm