The Auto war Edit

The United Terran Federation’s latest weapon designs has come up with an advanced hyper sentient AI attack and defense unit, while hyper sentient AI’s have been used for many years in automated defense, they have never been used on this scale. The Auto War as its called developed by Raython Veltar arms is one of the most advanced pieces of ground equipment ever made , it was born out of an upgrade program prompted by the government. It took over twelve years for the project to yield this piece of equipment. Auto war is short for Automated War Unit.

General Characteristics and designs Edit

The Auto War is designed using micro bots the size of cells. These bots interlock via interlocking tendrils dotting their surfaces, the cells are made from a high density yet flexible carbon nano tube crystal mesh. The Mesh is designed to be non conductive and meant to take various amounts of heavy punishment. The cells themselves work in tandem to form a collective intelligence, each part of the auto war is completely intelligent and can function on its own or provide a command and control structure if the main part of the bot is damaged. The auto war’s body can adapt quickly to situations, forming new hard points for weapon systems to be placed , it was designed to sport some of the most advanced weapons arrays in the union. Conversion beams , Resonance disrupters, Neutron beams , and meson particle beams. They may also be equipped with missile weapons and projectile weapons. The auto war may be varying sizes, from as small as a dog, to as large as several tanks combined. They are able to effectively rule the battle field especially with their integrated ECM and ECCM packets, as well as advanced shield systems, Auto wars may also prove to be effective delivery system for nano spore pods or utility fog. Designs are also in the work for air and space as well as sea models.

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