Commonwealth of Auguerny
[[Image:Auguerny 465145|125px|border|Flag of Auguerny]]

Qui touke mon chen, mé touke."
(and largest city)
Île de la Pourciaux
Official languages Auregnais
Demonym Auguernsais
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz
 -  crown prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz
 -   estimate 746,000,000 
GDP (nominal)  estimate
 -  Total $3,456 billion 
 -  Per capita $4,634.01 
Currency Écu (ECU)

Auguerny, officially the Commonwealth of Auguerny is a small island nation that is comprised of an archipelago, the largest of which is Île de la Pourciaux, which also functions as the capital of the nation - this is the largest of a small island group known as Îles du nord, which composes the majority of Auguerny's landmass. Additionally to its homeland, it has small territorial possesions on the continent; alongside a small colonial empire.

Auguerny is a constitional monarchy, with a parlimentry system, and a regional state comprised of many subnational entities; remenants of the predeceding fuedal state. The consitituent states are primarily divided between several small island groups: Îles du Sud, Îles du nord and the solitary L'Occidental group. Also recently gained in a protracted war was the territorial possesions which are historical heartland of the Auguernsais people. Recently the country has begun to accumulate a small colonial empire, these conquests are primarily tropical regions - many microstates and tribal federations - scattered throughout the world, many of these are un-contiguous holdings. The culture of the nation is somewhat significant on the continent, albeit as a minor influence that has sucessfully demanded the right for self-determination.

The economy of Auguerny has a small ecoenomy, its recent high growth rates per annum is a result of a post-war boom; for much of the rest of the nation it is still undeveloped with a large portion of the nation still dwelling in the rural portions of the nation and involved in the traditional occupations of agriculture and fishing. It is gradually developing and assuming a more free-market approach to gradually disolve the prior fuedal system; to remove the prior protectionism that was established by guilds - this is an ongoing legaslative battle within the nation.


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