Nationstates region
Atheist Empire
Population 93 (119th largest region)
Delegate The Advanced worker-state of Bhavva
Founder The Briggs (ex-nation)
Information websites NS Economy RC XML

Atheist Empire is a small, player created region in Nationstates, it currently contains 93 nations making it the 119th largest region in Nationstates. The current WA delegate is The Advanced worker-state of Bhavva. The founder nation has ceased to exist. Its World Factbook Entry is:

Founded in the early days of NS, Atheist Empire (Æ) is the premier region for atheists and agnostics. We don't care about your politics, race, sexuality, or gender. Whether you're a jaded intellectual or a hot Catholic schoolgirl, you'll feel right at home in Æ.

Allies: Hell, Liberty Alliance, Federalist Europe Alliance, Philosophy 115

Telegram the delegate for the password.

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