Aslan Aliyevich Dzharimov (Russian: Аслан Алиевич Джаримов) is a former president of Adygea.

He was the First Secretary of the Communist Party's Regional Committee in Adygeya and the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Adyghe SSR, as well as being a People's Deputy of the USSR between 1989-1991, representing Adygeya. He won two presidential elections, in 1992 and 1997. In the 1997 elections, when he competed against two other Adygean candidates, he gained 57.88% of the valid votes. In the all-federation level politics, he is known to have been a supporter of Our Home is Russia and later the Unity Movement. He is a Soviet-era apparatchik as the likes of Mintimer Shaimiev of Tatarstan and Murthaza Rakhimov of Baskhortostan who after the collapse of the Soviet Union have turned into moderate nationalist leaders who reigned in the more radical nationalists within their own ranks.

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