Military of The American Privateer
Founded June 14, 1775
Current form September 17, 2567
Service branches Republic Army Navy of the Republic Republic Aerospace Force
Headquarters The Pillar
President Rebeca St. James
Secretary of War Adrien Conrad
Fleet Admiral Jacob Ray
Military age 17-49
Available for
military service
1,094,324,000 males, age 17-49,
1,080,758,000 females, age 17-49
Fit for
military service
894,062,708 males, age 17-49,
892,706,108 females, age 17-49
Reaching military
age annually
31,654,000 males,
31,654,000 females
Active personnel 361,760,000

The Armed Forces of The American Privateer is the combined forces of the Army, Navy, Aerospace Force, and Guard.


Basic TrainingEdit

Naval AcademyEdit

Aerospace Force AcademyEdit

Army AcademyEdit

Guard AcademyEdit

Merchant Marine AcademyEdit

Virginia Military AcademyEdit

New Shiloh War CollegeEdit

Armstrong Flight AcademyEdit

New Tortuga Academy of Military Research and TechnologyEdit

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