Armed Forces of Cravan
Crest of Cravan
Founded 1708
Service branches Imperial Cravanian Army
Imperial Cravanian Navy
Imperial Cravanian Air Force
Headquarters 24 Imperial Blvd., Laurana, Cravan
General Commander in Chief of Imperial Forces Maj. Gen. Sir Alfred Webbing
Director of Defense Clark Rutherford
Military age 17-45 years old
Available for
military service
884,462,121 males, age 18-45 (2007 est.),
887,254,854 females, age 18-45 (2007 est.)
Fit for
military service
731,151,543 males, age 18-45 (2007 est.),
731,084,613 females, age 18-45 (2007 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
27,681,546 males (2007 est.),
27,874,624 females (2007 est.)
Active personnel 11,440,125
Reserve personnel 6,452,135
Budget $38 trillion (2007 est.)
Percent of GDP 11% (2007)
Domestic suppliers Sapinian Arms Corporation
Gracemerian Naval Works
Rutherford Ship Building Company
Feldsworth Automotive
Cunningham Motor Group
Raelfen Aerospace Corporation
Kentford Electronics
Imperial Systems Inc.
Illiorian Arms: Cravan
Annual imports Aequatian Military Industries
Illiorian Arms
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Ranks Ranks of the Armed Forces of Cravan

The Armed Forces of Cravan are the primary military force of the Eastern Havenic Empire of Cravan, serving in both an offensive and defensive role. The Cravanian Armed Forces are, as defined by the Constitution of the Eastern Empire, the "shield and sword of the Empire, only to be used during instances where the pen of the Empire is not applicable." Over the course of the last fifty years the Imperial Armed Forces have been deployed a mere handful of times in small numbers, owing to its light and flexible capability in mounting offensive operations. It is said that units of the Cravanian Armed Forces can be anywhere in the world within a few hours' time, depending on starting point and method of journey.

Personnel Edit

The Imperial Armed Forces currently employs 11,440,125 active military personnel and 1,412,123 civilian personnel, while indirectly employing over 23 million personnel through private contractors.

Breakdown of Personnel Between Branches Edit

ServiceTotal Active Duty Personnel (Percent of Total)EnlistedOfficers
Army4,326,975 (38%)3,504,849822,126
Navy14,825,125 (41%)4,004,853820,272
Air Force2,288,025 (21%)1,830,420457,605
Total11,440,125 (100%)9,340,1222,100,003

1Naval personnel includes Imperial Marine Corps personnel, which accounts for 41% of the Navy's total personnel count.

Women in the Armed Forces Edit

Women in the Imperial Armed Forces are fully integrated, meaning they are capable of holding any position to which they qualify. This does not, however, denote that women are active in service in every open position in the military. All applicants to the military undergo an in-depth psychological and physical examination, determining their abilities and what positions they are qualified to fill. Although women are legally capable of filling various more involved combat roles, they generally do not. This is not out of a matter of policy, but more out of physical limitation. There are, however, women actively enrolled in combat units. Over 42% of all pilots in the Imperial Armed Forces are female, and women are also active in positions such as infantry, armor, and special operations among others.

Rank Structure Edit

The rank structure of the Imperial Armed Forces primarily follows a standard international pay grade system, with ten commissioned officer ranks and nine enlisted ranks.

Equipment Edit

Equipment in the Cravanian Armed Forces is both composed of imports and domestically produced and designed military hardware. Most equipment in use by the Cravanian Armed Forces is originally designed by the Aequatian contractor Aequatian Military Industries and produced domestically by several contracted production companies. The Imperial Air Force is mostly outfitted with aircraft designed by Illiorian Arms, also produced by domestic companies or imported as needed. For the most part foreign designs commissioned by the Imperial Armed Forces are modified to domestic standards under licensed agreement, allowing for extensive specialization of foreign designs to Imperial standards. For full lists of hardware employed by the Empire, see the individual pages for each branch of service.

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