In order to get a UN proposal to the floor, one must first gather six percent of the current pool of UN Delegates and get their Approvals on the proposal. Gathering approvals takes effort - even the best of proposals will not make it into quorum without an active campaign of forum or telegram activity. A proposal won't become a resolution unless it gets to the floor of the General Assembly for a vote.

Approvals are necessary to turn a proposal into a resolution. Any UN member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire UN) if it is approved by at least six percent of UN Regional Delegates.

UN Delegates have an added ability when looking over the List Proposals page. There, they (and only they) receive one of the following options, depending on previous choices (or lack thereof):

The Most Excellent Nation of MyNation has not approved this proposal. [Approve]
The Most Excellent Nation of MyNation has approved this proposal. [Withdraw Approval]

Once a Delegate clicks the Approve link, their Approval is registered for all NS to see. A careful scrutiny of those nations who regularly approve proposals is always a good strategy for those seeking to get their proposal into the queue for vote.

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