Anna Muraviev-Apostol

Imperial Chancellor Muraviev-Apostol

Birth 19th December, 1082 A.S.
Titles Her High Excellency, the Imperial Chancellor, Her Grace the Duchess of Savarich et al
Noble House Muraviev-Apostol
Faith Taraskovyan Orthodox

Her High Excellency Anna Muraviev-Apostol is the current Chancellor of the Taraskovyan Empire and leads His Most August Majesty's Cabinet of Ministers, having been appointed to the position by the Vasilevs of all Taraskovya, in accordance with Imperial Law.

She is not affiliated to any political party or movement, is considered to be a staunch loyalist of the monarchist system and, furthermore, a centrist (as opposed to the rightist parliamentary majority).

Whilst under the Taraskovyan political structure the Vasilevs decides unilaterally on the size, composition and members of the Imperial Cabinet of Ministers, right now the Imperial Chancellor assumes the majority of executive interior powers, while the Vasilevs retains oversight over the foreign politics and military affairs.

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