American ContinentEdit

Welcome to the American Continent, which is a region of the Nation States World Regions. All nations are welcome to join this region where one can wallow in role playing and/or discussions.

As a member of the NSWR, this region is compatible with the Middle East, African Continent, Asian Continent and European Continent, encouraging possible interregional happenings in a real life setting, a novelty in NationStat

Map of the American ContinentEdit

D: World Military Dominion

  1. British Cuba
  2. Neo Paradise
  3. Confederate States of America
  4. The Seceded North
  5. Russian Caribbean
  • Panama Canal under Russian control
  1. Chepachet
  2. New Nag Ehgoeg
  3. Kasnyian Bolivia
  4. United States of America
  5. United States of America
  6. Durick Veta
  7. Eleytheria-Duo
  8. Andulusia
  9. Kasnyian Pacifica
  10. Great New France
  11. Aztlán
  12. Native American Nations
  13. Santa Veronica
  14. Caronicilia
  15. El Dejarbo
  16. Espanõra
  17. The Vikings
  18. Swiss-Roman Brasilias
  19. Tutchone
  20. Ninjastan
  21. Bogota
  22. Iberia Nueva
  23. Great New Avalon
  24. Telosan
  25. Nitramda
  26. Chaco tropical
  27. Terrel Fen
  28. Marslavan Dominion