Alexandonium is a country of NationStates, founded on NationStates sometime near August 31, 2012. It is sometimes called the "Medieval Country of Spirit." Alexandonium is famous for its display of culture; some call its culture the "Hellenrenassaval," which is a combination of Hellenestic culture, Renaissance culture, and Medieval/Gothic culture.


Beginnings Alexandonium is said to have been founded on October 2, A.D. 122. A Christian missonary by the name of Alexander Ferrierfoundkilometres and kilometres of land. He brought his family and friends, and, after ten years of fighting off the wilderness and establishing little settlements, people started to flock toward the place. By November A.D. 140, Alexandon had over 1000 citizens.

Estamblishment of the MonarchyEdit

Alexander Ferrier had never appointed a leader for his country; everyone was isolated and became like Greek polises, or city-states. After Ferrier died, his son, Brighton, established every polis to be connected to each other. By building roads, Ferrier created more communication, of which led up to a better military and a more united Alexandon. Brighton then declared himself King over the United Kingdom of Alexandon.

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