Alessa Tyra Annirere
Title Her Most Angelic Majesty, the Divinely Illumined Empress of Roania
• Reference
• Spoken
Her Most Angelic Majesty
Your Majesty
Birthdate Unknown, presumed IR 4921
Place of Birth: Imperial City, Rudan Prime
Spouse None
Children None
Religion Is Focus of Religion
Languages spoken High Roanian, Low Roanian, Galactic Standard, Quenyan

Alessa Annirere is the current Lady-Empress of the Empire of Twin Lamps. From her throne, she holds ultimate power of life and death over 11 billion citizens.

Early LifeEdit

Alessa's early life is cloaked in mystery. It is believed she was the product of an affair between Aleazaner II (cursed be his name) and Lady Alysannra Elestea, future wife of Lord-Emperor Cassander Drakharn. As a bastard child of the wrathful Aleazaner, she would have lived a relatively uncomfortable life.

According to her she ran away from home at an early age, but nothing definite is forthcoming and she has evinced little desire to talk about her childhood.

First appearanceEdit

Alessa made her first appearance in the historical record on Mars during the tumultuous final years of Cassander Drakharn's reign.

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