Aeronavy Caelapes
Military Flag for Aeronavy Caelapes
Founded 1617
Current form 1947
Service branches Caelapes Legion

Caelapes Navy
Caelapes Aeroforce
Caelapes Home Guard

Headquarters Arey Bay Aeronaval Base, Province Torine
Prime Minister Marcel Gati
Min. for Home Defense Adam Lafayet
Surfaces-Marshal Peter Scott
Military age 17-55 years old
Available for
military service
679,105,960 males, age 18-49,
626,867,040 females, age 18-49
Fit for
military service
543,284,768 males, age 18-49,
501,493,632 females, age 18-49
Reaching military
age annually
20,373,178 males,
18,806,011 females
Active personnel 2,607,600
Reserve personnel 129,076,200
Budget 1.808 trillion CLM
Percent of GDP 4

Work in progress

Flag-Caelapes Major Topics in the Federation of Caelapes
Main article: Caelapes
Government: FederationProthero ReformationOverseas DepartmentsFlag of CaelapesFederal Information Service Caelapes
Geography: DepartmentOverseas DepartmentCanton
Society: Culture • Languages (English, Caelapene) • EducationPolice

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