Coordinates: 44°53′N, 39°11′E

Adygeysk (Russian: Адыге́йск; Adyghe: Адыгэкъалэ) is a town in the Republic of Adygea, located near Krasnodar Reservoir, 100 km north-west of Maykop. The town is in direct jurisdiction of the republic. Population: 12,209 (2002 Adygean Census); 12,548 (1989 Census).


It was founded as the settlement of Adygeysky (Адыге́йский) in 1969 due to the construction of Krasnodar Reservoir. It was renamed Teuchezhsk (Теуче́жск) in 1976, when it was granted town status, but was again renamed Adygeysk in 1992.


Municipally, Adygeysk is incorporated as a municipal urban okrug, with the following rural localities under its jurisdiction:[1]


  1. Law of the Republic of Adygea #270 of December 1, 2004 On Municipal Formation "the Town of Adygeysk", on Its Endowment with the Status of a Municipal Urban Okrug, and on Establishing Its Borders

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Capital: Maykop

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