The Adygean Air Force (Adyghe: ???, ???) is a part of the Armed Forces of Adygea. The Adygean Air Force Command and headquarters are located in the city of Maykop. The two major airports are at Krasnodar and Maykop. The Air Force is currently undergoing a process of modernization with the help of Adygea's NATO partners, specifically the United States and Turkey.

Adygean Air Force
Flag of Adygean Air Force
Adygean Air Force flag
Active 1991 - present
Country Adygea
Garrison/HQ Khanskaya Airport, Maykop
Motto Something in Adyghe
Labor feeds a man—idleness spoils him.
Roundel Roundel of the Adygean Air Force
Aircraft flown
Attack Su-25, Mi-24
Fighter Su-27, MiG-29
Trainer L-39, Yak-52
Transport An-2, Mi-8, Mi-17, UH-1

Aircraft inventoryEdit