Emperor Aczel VII Livenda (Born July 28, 1975) is the seventh elected Emperor of Livenda, succeding Sinder II. Aczel was born in to the old royal family, his grandfather Aczel VI Livenda was the last monarch of the Empire. He joined the Imperial Partyat the age of sixteen and became a leading force in the 1993 election helping Marcus Erend to the throne. As a child he had gone to private school and was gifted with high intelligence and charisma.

Early LifeEdit

Aczel was born in 1975 at the Livenda Residence fifteen kilometers south of Azepolis. His father, Fredrick Livenda, was very keen on giving him education so he sent him to a boarding school.

In 1998 he finished education from Shannen University with one of the highest of the entire class. He joined the military a month later and advanced to the grade of sergeant before he left in 2001.

2003 Imperial By-electionsEdit

When Sinder II was murdered in January 2003 (see The Murder on Sinder II), Aczel as and old friend of him held a long speech on his funeral. His charismatic ability opened up the eyes of the Part leaders and he was chosen the official candidate of the IP for the by-election. He managed to get the votes of the people thanks to his socialist ideas and fixation on equality. He won the election by a majority of 55.32%.


Aczel started his regency by making Livenda's largest Oil Company, United Oil Company state controlled, a decision widely criticized. But with the extra incomes from the oil he could raise the funding for the education and health care areas.

Most of his economical decisions where very socialistic, he did small tax raises but in return invested more money in Education, Health Care, Public transport, the environment and the army. By constructing three new Nuclear plants he created both jobs and electricity and stopped the import of power, mostly from cole plants.

During 2003 his popularity fell mostly because of the raising taxes, but in 2004 it raised once again and by 2007 polls showed he had over 74% of the peoples votes.

Imperial Election of 2008Edit

Under Construction

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