AVARSTAT (Russian: АВАРСТАТ), short for аварийный статус (emergency status), is the Adygean scale of force readiness under the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, analogous to the DEFCON levels of the United States Armed Forces. It has been activated twice: once in 1999, when Shamil Basayev invaded nearby Dagestan, and in 2002.

The system defines four levels of threats represented by four colours: yellow, orange, red and crimson.

Alert levels Edit

АVARSTAT alert levels
Yellow level
Increased intelligence operations and national security measures.
Orange level
Further increased military readiness. Encryption and call signs change to classified versions.
Red level
Further increased military readiness, just below maximum readiness.
Crimson level
Maximum military readiness. Used only in wartime when Adygea itself is under attack.

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