7th Marine Expeditionary Force
7th MEF
7 MEF Insignia
Country Wulaishen
Branch AG
Type Naval Infantry/ Air-Ground Task Force
Role Expeditionary Combat Forces
Size 131,000 troops
Part of Wulaishenese Advance Guard Forces Command
Garrison/HQ Xao Phi Naval Air Station
Nickname Dragon Killers
Engagements Revolution War
Clandonian Invasion of Induvistan
LtCom Li Ju Mai

The 7th Marine Expeditionary Force (07MEF) is a unit in the Wulaishenese Marine Air-Ground Task Force consisting of ground, air and logistics forces capable of projecting offensive combat power ashore while sustaining itself in combat without external assistance for a period of 60 days. The 7th Marine Expeditionary Force is commanded by a Lieutenant Commander, who serves under Commander, Wulaishenese Advance Guard Forces Command, providing Marine fighting formations and units to Northern Command, Central Command and Southern Command.

Subordinate units Edit

There are more than 131,000 Marines and sailors in 7 MEF. It consists of four basic components:

Other units that are a part of the 7th Marine Expeditionary Force include:

Higher Headquarters Edit

Wulaishenese Advance Guard Forces, South (AGFORSOUTH), headquartered in Xao Phi, is the Wulaishenese Advance Guard component of the Wulaishen Southern Command. Forces are provided by 7 Marine Expeditionary Force, Xao Phi, Wulaishenese Republic. In addition, the MEF provides an immediate reaction riverine capable forces ready to conduct training for allied forces; and support to other Marine forces in AGFORSOUTH’s area of operational responsibility.

While 7 MEF is included within the operational force structure of Wulaishen Advance Guard Forces Command (AGFORCOM) and engages in operations and exercises throughout the Wulaishenese Southern Command areas, it routinely commits operating forces in support of other Wulaishenese commands. 7 MEF is, in fact, available for and prepared to respond to contingency requirements worldwide.

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