The 58th Army was formed in the Siberian Military District in November 1941, including the 362nd, 364th, 368th, 370th, 380th, and 384th Rifle Divisions and the 77th Cavalry Division and moved to the Archangelsk MD, but then redesignated the 3rd Tank Army in May 1942. The Army was reestablished within the Kalinin Front in June 1942 but then redesignated the 39th Army in August. It was reformed in the Transcaucasian Front from the 24th Army on August 28, 1942, under General Khomenko of the NKVD. Much of its senior cadre also came from the NKVD, and among its missions was to keep order in the Caucasus, particularly in the Groznyi and Makhachkala regions.[1] The 58th later joined the North Caucasus Front. On 1 November 1942 it consisted of the 271 and 416 RDs, and the Makhachkala Division of the NKVD.[2]Prior to the North Caucasus Front putting its main effort into the Kerch-Eltigen Operation (November 1943) the Army HQ was reorganised as Headquarters Volga Military District in October 1943.[3]

In 1991 it became part of the Adygean Ground Forces.

Units Edit

  • 20th Motor Rifle Division
  • 22nd Special Designation (Spetsnaz) Brigade
  • 42nd Motor Rifle Division
  • 19th 'Voronezh-Wumlinskaya' Motor Rifle Division
  • 126th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 136th 'Umansko-Berlin' Separate Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 135th 'Podchineniya' Separate Motorized Rifle Regiment (C)
  • 10th Special Designation (Spetsnaz) Brigade
  • 205th Cossack Separate Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 227th Artillery Brigade
  • 234th Separate Communications Regiment
  • 22nd Separate Electronic Warfare Regiment
  • 693rd Motor Rifle Regiment
  • 326th Separate Helicopter Squadron
  • 55th Separate Combat Helicopter Regiment
  • 325th Separate Combat Transport Helicopter Regiment

References Edit

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