The 19th Guards Motor Rifle Division is a mechanized division of the Adygean Ground Forces, headquartered in Vladikavkaz. It was part of the 58th Army (Soviet Union), and is now part of the reformed 58th Army of the AGF. It was apparently formed in 1922 in the Moscow Military District.

Division honorifics are - Russian: Воронежско-Шумлинская краснознаменная, орденов Суворова, Трудового Красного Знамени.

Until 1957, the division remained titled the 19th Rifle Division, its Second World War designation. It was briefly the 92nd Motor Rifle Division from 1957 to 1965, but in 1965 became again the 19th Motor Rifle Division. It arrived in the Caucasus region by the mid 1950s and has been stationed for many years at Vladikavkaz. In the late 1980s it was part of the 42nd Army Corps at Volgograd and consisted of the 397th Tank Regiment, and the 201st, 429th, and 503rd Motor Rifle Regiments.

Today, after the reshuffling of units in 1991 to the present, the 19th is part of the reformed 58th Army, Adygean Ground Forces.

Structure Edit

19th Motor Rifle Division

Structure of the 19th Motor Rifle Division

  • 429th Motor Rifle Regiment
  • 503rd Motor Rifle Regiment
  • 693rd Motor Rifle Regiment
  • 292nd SP Artillery Regiment
  • 481st Anti-aircraft Missiles Regiment
  • 141st Separate Tank Regiment