1946 Russian Invasion of Verbluffen
From Top Left: Verbluffen Tiger II engaging Russian T-34, Verbluffen VTOL Interceptors, Kriegsmarine H-Class Battleship engaging Russian vessels, Verbluffen Flakkorps loading Flak 88, Wurfrahmen firing at enemy infantry attempting to capture the city of Hansburg, Verbluffen JU-180 engaging enemy tanks.
Date October 30th, 1946 - June 3rd, 1947
Location Verbluffen
Result Verbluffen Victory, leading to the 1949 Verbluffen Invasion of Russia.
VerbluffenFlagg Verbluffen Reich
VerbluffenWehrVerbluffen Wehrmacht
SovietFlag Soviet Union
VerbluffenFlagg Wilhelm von Richtmann
VerbluffenFlagg Sinder Linkins
VerbluffenWehr Reichsmarschall Fritz von Richter
SovietFlag Boris Shaposhnikov
SovietFlag Joseph Stalin
VerbluffenFlagg 20,000
VerbluffenWehr 1,000,000
SovietFlag 5,000,000
Casualties and losses
VerbluffenFlagg <1,200
VerbluffenWehr <1,100
SovietFlag 3,775,887
Civilian: <2,000

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