Introduced 1988
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Republican Administration for Mass Media
Sponsoring organization Republican Administration for Mass Media
Intended use Websites of Neo-Erusea
Actual use Popular in Neo-Erusea
Registration restrictions All public internet use in Neo-Erusea is free. Residents of the Glorious Republic of Neo-Erusea may have their website subjected to censorship committee.
Structure Private citizens may only register second level domains
Dispute policies UDRP

ine is the Internet TLD for the Glorious Republic of Neo-Erusea.

In Neo-Erusea most residents own computers made by Neucom Incorporated. Any resident can plug their computer into a phone line and receive dial-up internet that will take several minutes to load up the front page, but Neucom Inc and smaller companies charge users so that they can have faster connections. There are multiple Internet cafés in the capital, Farbanti, and communal Internet access in public libraries.

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